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Chambers of Greed

Chambers of Greed are a unique gameplay feature to Black Gold Online, allowing players to acquire rare items in exciting open world dungeons that mix mobs with aggressive fellow players for a dangerous adventure.


I.Find your way in

Chambers of Greed are hidden open world dungeons that players must discover. They can be found almost anywhere, and players must explore to unearth their entrances.


The Chambers have an ominous atmosphere, with their own special map and a short-range haze that prevents seeing enemies from afar. Players will not be able to summon mounts or start other activities while inside a Chamber of Greed.



II.Prepare yourself for Battle

Players will battle not only mobs, but also other players as they enter the Chambers of Greed. Players who kill each other in a Chamber will suffer no criminal penalty, and will be entitled to some loot from their vanquished opponent.


Isenhorst and Erlandir each have their own dungeons, but some are shared by both sides. Players from either faction may also meet up in the shared dungeons with bloody outcomes.



III.Special features of the dungeons

Chambers of Greed have several unique features making them particularly entertaining:

1.     Fog of War turned up for surprise encounters

2.     Greedy PvP awaits deep in the Chamber

3.     Booby traps and hidden treasures around every corner

4.     High level loot is yours for the taking

5.     Enter at one spot, and emerge blinking elsewhere on the map


IV.Dungeon Monsters

Random leveled monsters may appear in any dungeons. AND THEY ARE BRUTAL!


V.Hidden Treasures

 Loot abounds in the Chamber of Greed. Will you be fast, strong, and greedy enough to get it?