In Black Gold Online, players can band together in team PvP in Battlefields. Forming a key feature of Black Gold Online, Battlefields offer the opportunity for fans to acquire fame, treasure, and experience in small and large team PvP


I.Battlefield System Intro


Battle field is an independent map specially made for players from both sides to fight against each other. Players may apply to enter the battlefield queue by himself or with his whole team. Our Battlefield System will automatically match players from both sides to enter the battle field. Players fight alongside members of their faction. Each Battlefield has its own rules for victory, and the system will determine the victorious side.



Black Gold Online has two main Battlefields: the Ellescadia Foothills and the Realm of Faith. Players may opt-in to a random battle, or choose the battle to fit their preference. For players queuing in “Random”, they will find extra rewards if they win.



II.Battlefield Rewards

Battlefields offer many rewards, including a "first victory" reward, regular battlefield reward, and extra reward for selecting "Random Battlefield."

1) First Victory reward: experience, money, valor points etc.

2) Regular battlefield: silver metal, money, honor points, etc.

3) Random battlefield will receive extra valor points.