The champion is revered while the shamed losers scamper off with their tail between their legs. The Arena is the stuff of ballads, where the great warriors of Montel meet to test their skill and prowess in 1 on 1 combat. Currently there are two types of Arena available within Black Gold Online: Balance Arena and Might Arena.


Arena system provides our players a brand new way to compete and challenge each other. Plays can fight against enemies from the opposite or the same alignment. Once player applied for enter the arena, they will queue up while the system automatically arranges a match.



I.Balance Arena

Level Requirement: 15+

Other Requirement: None

Players who enter the Balanced Arena carry nothing with them but their own skill. As the battle begins, players are stripped of their personal gear and equipped with a standard Arena power suit. All potions, titles, buffs, any kind of props that will endanger the balance of our competition are removed as the fight commences.


II.Might Arena

Level Requirement: 40

Other Requirement: None

In the Might Arena, players will be able to use their own gear, title, items and buffs to their advantage. Arm yourself with your most powerful gear – you’ll need it.


III.Arena Rules:

 Players will be matched against other players with roughly the same number of Arena Points. Players will acquire Arena points with each victory, and lose them with each defeat.

The players Arena points determine their ranking in the Arena Hero ranking list. The fight ends when one of the fighters is struck down.


IV.Arena Rewards

Once the match is over, players will receive rewards.

Depending on their position in the weekly Arena ranking, players will receive Valor points in the mail as an extra reward.


V.Arena Hero Ranking List

Players can check the Arena rankings from the Ranking interface.