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Adventure System

As players begin their journey to greatness, they will have the opportunity to set off on Adventures – special game features allowing exciting blends of player vs environment (PvE) and player vs player (PvP). Some adventures are solo, while others will allow players to invite friends or team up with random members of their faction. Each Adventure offers valuable rewards, as well as difficult challenges.


I. Begin your ownAdventure

1)    When yourcharacter reaches level 13, players will be able to try out their first Adventure. As players level up and meet requirements for further Adventures, the system will aler them automatically when they are available.                         

2)    Each Adventure has their own unique system for gameplay. Some are available all day at any time, while others are restricted to specific time slots.



II.Collect your rewards

1) Great adventure comes with amazing rewards, when our players finished one of the Adventure Scene, Black Gold will reward our players handsomely.


2) After a player finishes the Adventure, they can click the prize button on the left upper corner to collect your rewards.