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Gold Dust Clerk

Throughout the capitals of Montel, there live a special merchant known as the Gold Dust Clerk. For those intrepid adventurers seeking riches and power, the Gold Dusk Clerk offers special resources and materials for purchase. Players are able to purchase goods and products from the Gold Dust Clerk with one of two currencies: Gold Dust and Black Gold.


I. Resources


Players make their purchases at the Gold Dust Clerk with either Black Gold or Gold Dust. These are each acquired in distinct ways.


Gold Dust

Gold Dust can be acquired by completing certain in-game events, such as leveling up or increasing Might score.


Gold Dust can also be acquired by cracking open Time Vials. Certain Time Vials will include small quantities of Gold Dust. This Dust is stored, and doesn’t appear in the bag. When visiting the Gold Dust Clerk, a player’s Gold Dust will appear in the window.


Black Gold

Players can acquire Black Gold in a number of ways. Like Gold Dust, Black Gold can be acquired by completing certain tasks, or by cracking open Time Vials. Black Gold will come from bound Time Vials. The higher the value of the Time Vial, the more Black Gold there will be inside.


Players can also purchase Black Gold like in-game Vouchers at the online Black Gold store. The Black Gold store can be found in our Member Center.


II. Special Items


There are many unique items that can be bought from no one except the Gold Dust Clerk. Here are a few examples.


Superior Treasure Blue Crystal

This precious crystal has powers to make players incredibly wealthy. When used, The Superior Treasure Blue Crystal boosts the rate for acquiring Treasure Points by 50% for one hour. These Treasure Points contribute to players Time Vials, and if used properly could increase the chance of acquiring purple gear.


Montel Blessed Stone

This stone has received an invaluable blessing, and will bestow on its user wonderful gifts. By using the Montel Blessed Stone, players will receive a random item: either a Superior Equipment Prototype, Gem Box, Treasure Essence, Soul Crystal, or a large amount of gold coins. Each of these items has their own unique value, whether in crafting, socketing gems, or others.



Hint: When player has enough Treasure Essence, they can go to the Blessing Envoy to redeem a Quality Prototype using Treasure Essence. Below is the location for the ‘Blessing Envoy’


Rockway County(18,-51); Ten Hammers City(-1079,1896); Canzat(3365,666); Dawn Port(-6017,5212); Dilanda(-1888,3414)