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Military Battlefield

Grab your reins and fuel up, the battle is about to begin! Enter the fight for the fate of Montel in the mounted Military Battlefield! Struggle for control of the precious Blood Fang Citadel in large scale opt-in battles. On foot or astride your Personal Carrier, join your faction’s fight on a unique battle map for prizes and honor.


I. Entering the Fray

Unlike many places in Montel, the Blood Fang Citadel can not be reached by open world exploration. Players will be able to join the battle once they reach level 10.


The Military Battlefield interface can be found on the right side of the screen, or by pressing the “Y” hotkey.

Battles take place every hour, and last 30 mins, with a 30 min cool down in between. Players will be prompted to join the battle as it begins, and can freely join and leave the battle at any time. However, players must fight to the end to receive a prize, and the reward they receive will decrease the later in the battle they join.


Players will be granted a Military Rank as they participate in Military Battlefields. Players of a certain rank will be entitled to certain benefits, such as a daily "Salary." As player rise through the ranks, they will have access to a wider variety of Personal Carriers.


II. The Lay of the Land

Players begin the battle at their faction’s respective base, with Isenhorst to the north and Erlandir to the south. The base is guarded by turrets and NPCs, and inside players will find Carriers available for use. As players move towards the middle, the elevation increases along the slopes of the Bloodfang Mountain, crested at the top by the Bloodfang Citadel.


Along the map are flags and landing pads (represented by a circle). Players who die will have the option to respawn back at their base or at a nearby landing pad. They will join the fight at the nearest landing pad adjacent a faction-controlled flag.

Flags must be captured in order to offer power bonuses to one’s own faction’s Carriers. Players must dismount inorder to capture a flag, standing nearby and pressing the action “F” hotkey. It will take 15 seconds, and can be interrupted by enemy attack.

In order to achieve victory, players must control the center flag of the Bloodfang Citadel. When time runs up, either side will receive a reward, in gold, treasure and experience. The reward a player receives will be decided by

1.       Victory or defeat

2.       Number of flags controlled by faction at the end

3.       Duration of participation in the battle


III. Personal Carriers

Military Battlefields are large-scale, primarily mounted conflicts. Players will be able to summon their own Personal Carriers during the battle, as well as use a number of available Carriers around the map.


Players wishing to use Carriers from the battlefield must spend Carrier Points to do so. The higher the level the Carrier, the more points it will require.


Carriers will respawn at certain places on the map. They can suffer damage if opposing players attack them, and will receive power boosts for every flag controlled by a faction.