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Profession System


In Black Gold, the equipment a player carries may mean the difference between victory and defeat. To aid them on the road to glory, players will be able to select a crafting profession and create their own gear! There are five crafting professions in the game: Weapons Forging, Tailoring, Armor Smithing, Alchemy, and Jewelry Manufacturing.



Profession Details

·  Forger: able to forge weapons from mineral-based raw materials.

·  Tailor: able to craft Cloth Armor and Leather Armor from Fabrics.

·  Armorsmith: able to manufacture Medium Armor and Heavy Armor from mineral-based raw materials.

·  Alchemist: able to craft healing potions and attribute-boostingpotions fromherbs.

·  Jeweler: able to forge Rings, Accessories, necklacesand cloaksraw materials.


Learning a profession

A character may learn a profession when it reaches level 18. When a character has decided upon a profession, they may approach that profession’s Master in any major city or novice village to learn it. These NPCs can be found on the in-game map, and will have a special symbol to represent their profession.


Leveling up and quitting professions

A profession will level up the more a character uses it. As a character becomes more skilled in a profession, the quality of the items they can make will improve.

A player may quit a profession to learn a new one. However, all proficiency they have attained in that profession will be lost.

High Level Professional Crafting


As players reach higher level crafting and study manuals, they will find that rarer items will require specific materials. Many of these materials can be found in open loot drops, and others will be produced by other professions. Each player may only have one profession, so they will need to team up and trade products in order to craft the rarest equipment and items!