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Instance System


Throughout the world of Black Gold, players can find treacherous dungeons, terrifying jungles and powerful bosses in Instances. Many Instances have two difficulties, with distinct mobs, bosses and loot drops. Players who complete the easy version of an instance will find a much greater challenge waiting for them when they try the same instance on hard, complete with new enemies, quests, bosses, and rewards.


I. Available instances


II. Entering instances

In the terrible reaches that most dare not enter, no one can go it alone. All instances require a group to enter. Players may use the Instance interface to match up with random fellow players. Most instances require a 5-player party, while some of the more difficult instances require ten.

If strangers aren’t your style, join in a group with your friends directly and walk through the gate in the open world. Groups can enter with 2+ people, so be advised – when your chain is short, it’s only as strong as the weakest link.

Instances also have level requirements depending on the difficulty. As you level up, more will become available to you!


III. Instance content

Players who queue up in the Instance interface will receive an Instance ID while they wait for a party to form. While queuing, they will not be able to do other activities like Battlefields and Arenas, and if they get caught in a fight their team will need to wait before they can begin the Instance.


Inside, players in a party must work their way through winding mazes, talk with NPCs, kill, defend, and do whatever it takes to defeat their powerful enemies and get the treasure!



IV. Death in the instance

Players who die in the Instance will be able to respawn at the beginning, or wait until their teammates have finished the immediate fighting to be resurrected. Healers will be able to revive fallen comrades, but must finish of all nearby mobs and defeat any immediate bosses before doing so.  


V. Instance Reward

When players kill an instance’s boss, they will receive equipment, items, and gold. Rewards will be distributed among the team members based on a roll of the dice and whoever selects “Need” or “Greed.”