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Achievement System


Achievements acknowledge and reward players for a wide variety of different actions they may take in the course of playing Black Gold.


I.Achievement types: 


There are eight kinds of achievements: Character, Collection, Social, Instance, Combat, Adventure, Energy Well, and unique.


II.Getting Achievements


1)Character: Players may get character achievements by leveling up, increasing their Might score, and getting promoted in the military.

2)Collection: Players may get collection achievements by obtaining certain pets and mounts.

3)Instance: Players may get instance achievements by completing instances and by performing special tasks in instances.

4)Battle: Players may get battle achievements by completing events or killing world bosses.

5)Energy Well:Players may get Energy Well achievements by getting a high enough reputation at certain Energy Wells or by participating in Energy Well battles.

6)Unique: Players may gain unique achievements by being the first on the shard to complete certain tasks.

III.Achievement Rewards: 

Some achievements will bestow rewards on the player. These rewards may include titles, items, equipment, and gold.


IV.How to check Achievement:  


The character’s achievements may be viewed in the achievement menu.