Game Features

Immersive World

Clash of Ideology

The discovery of a mysterious energy source sparked an ever-raging conflict between two belligerent factions. The Isenhorst forges the energy into steam tech, engineering the fires of industry and gearing the machines of war. The Erlandirs seek to manipulate its , empowering their arts of healing and sorcery. The two feuding alignments fight over the 300 square kilometer continent of Montel using amphibious assaults, airpower and steam technology, only to be countered with powerful wizardry and a full range of spells. In the conflict between technology and magic, which side would you choose?

Decisive Battlefronts

Black Gold is set in a gigantic, fully immersive 3D world that offers fresh and innovative gameplay. Every player action, from the smallest random encounters to epic server-wide battles in the alignment war affects the entire world.

Expansive Content

Diverse lineup of Races and Classes

The world of Black Gold is a giant continent divided in half by a range of nearly impassible mountains. One side is occupied by the Isenhorst: Dwarves, Humans, and Vampires; the other by the Erlandirs: Koshites, Yutonians, and Shapeshifters. Play as any of the six races and explore, fight, develop your character as one of the 18 classes.

Carriers Assemble

There are over 100 vehicles to choose from in Black Gold. From steam-powered flying machines, mobile artillery and giant motherships, to magical flying dragons and specialized beasts of battle, offering an incredibly wide range of vehicles for players to choose.

Multi-dimensional Warfare

Limitless Combat System

The dynamic fighting system allows players to battle however they wish, anytime, with whoever they want - instead of being locked in an instance.

Multiple Ways to Experience Battle

Black Gold was created using the originally developed Flexi Engine that allows for both first-person and third-person perspective gameplay, in addition to its advanced physics and 3D capabilities.