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[Community] Montel Powers - Ironfist

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[Community] Montel Powers - Ironfist

Postby snailgameusa » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:56 pm

In the troubled lands of Montel, power rests in the hands of those bold enough to take it – those who band together to survive, to thrive, and to conquer. As champions of good or forces of evil, these groups call themselves “Guilds.” We call them: The Montel Powers.

There are those who rule with the rigid hand of tyranny. And then there are those stalwarts of casualness, those scions of relaxed, fun game play like the focus of this week’s Guild spotlight –


Hailing from the steam kingdom of Isenhorst on server Ellescadia, we took the time to get to know the heroes and heroines of Ironfist. We had so many questions: Where did they get that name? Did they have a horrible foundry accident? Had they considered surgical treatment? They obliged, with this to say:

The name comes from a dwarven tribe from Lord of the Rings. I’m a big LotR fan so it fit nicely. We are fun, laid back and casual. We would love to be competitive, but we want to maintain that strong bond. We are a group of friends who love to do PvE runs, but are wanting to get more into PvP.

The fraternity of fun and sisterhood of steam bring this band together in a tight nit group, organizing exciting raids on Chambers of Greed and Instances as they search out the most fearsome monsters of Montel to show them where they like to put that iron fist of theirs. When they’re not taking on Instances, the collegial members of Ironfist team up for dailies, and generally just joke around in chat.


With a name like Ironfist, surely they are run by a rabid dictator with a severe god complex, sucking in helpless new noobs fresh off the Zinsen Island boat to feed his own ambitions. Actually:

The guild was started by me and my wife along with my younger brother. All decisions are made by me and my wife. We ask our officers for any input; we want our guild to be unified and knowledgeable about what goes on. Currently we are 40 people. We actively recruit in alignment chat. We use the in-game application system to make it easier for people to apply to our guild.

With that level of transparency and openness, it’s no wonder the adventurers sporting Ironfist banners are such a close bunch.


As the shifting landscape of Montel turns friend to foe and foe to begrudging accomplice, we wondered what type of alliances and enemies Ironfist had formed.

We have three allies, who are also small guilds: Beehive, Eminence and TouchMyPvPness. We do not have any enemies and will try to keep it that way. We try to help each other’s guilds out by using each other’s strengths to get decent raids/parties for dungeons and bosses. With other, non-allied guilds, we are polite, friendly and helpful just as if they were our own guild family.

Truly a peace-minded crew, building bridges with the community. As their ambitions grow, we’ll see how long that can last. We posed the never-ending question that challenges us all: what of the future? Here’s what Ironfist leader Deathshowers had to say:

We hope that our future will be bright and bountiful! As a guild, I believe we’d love to work to rule over some parts of Montel and conquer Energy Wells. I hope we grow in size and can work together to be a strong force.

As in all things, only time will tell. For those interested in learning more about the Guild, Ironfist, they have a guild site at http://ironfist.guildlaunch.com/.

Are you a Montel Power? Do you control a Guild worthy of recognition? Let us know! Reach out to our team at bgofans@snailgamesusa.com. We’ll be covering more of the guilds of both servers and factions in our new piece: The Montel Powers.

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