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Re: Wish List

Postby sleyes2 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:39 pm

Haven't taken the time to read thru the other posts, but i'll chime in here (as the servers seem to be funked up and i can't play at the moment)

1) Emotes - Not emoticons, but actual animations. I realize this is a PvP-centric game, but even a few options to have our avatars do something other than stand with their hands on their hips would add so much immersion to the game.

2) Complete more Plot Quests in the field - This doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility, as many quests already do this. The frustration of having to...
a) travel halfway across a zone to "scout" something, then
b) travel all the way back to turn it in, followed (inevitably) by
c) having to go ALLLLL the way back again to kill those mobs
...would be alleviated by this change.

3) Unified Crafting Materials/Items - I realize you have a goal to make money, but putting DOZENS of different templates/reagents/currencies/tokens into the game just fills up bags and frustrates players. With no "Wowhead"-style database online to help me identify things, I have no idea what half of this stuff does or is intended for. And i certainly can't afford to carry it all around on the off-chance I might need it. Minor/Major/Super/Primary affizes don't help, i really wish that you would just simplify your item list and make things stack so I don;t have to spend ten minutes mousing over itemsin my bag to figure out which powerup i should click on.

4) Related to (3) above, could we (maybe) get a little more distinction between Black Gold, Black Gold Fragments, Gold Dust, and Gold? The currencies all start to run together after a while.

5) Pathing to Map Locations - This may already be possible, but i haven't found it yet. If i have a quest to turn in, i can bring up the log and click the objective and let the game send my character there. But if i want to go to a location or town that doesn't have an objective, I have to navigate there manually. Yes, there are Merestones, but if you've used your quota you're out fo luck.

6) Again, forgive me if this is already possible, but could we get a way to "save" particular gear looks or "convert" gear into costumes? There is some fantastic looking gear in this game, and I would love to be able to save a particular set (like the early 20s Leather gear) to use after my character outgrows their current items.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Crazie » Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:30 am

I don't read through all posts so if any of these is already suggested then ignore it.

1. Mount unbound item. It'd be nice that you are able to sell your mount when you no longer needed it, even if you did before.

2. Add a 5s invincibility when players port in for adventures (defending shadow hunt, caravan) and dungeons. There is a long period between the player loading in the map vs the player can see other players. But you character model is already on the view of the other players so they can attack you while you just stood there taking "invisible" damage.

3. Have better reward for players from staying online. Bring back the fine box fragment. Have it reward more fragments but raise the level requirement to lv cap. That way people can get the useful reward and also limit down the amount of alt farming the fragments.

4. Reduce the amount of material require to upgrade set. First purple costs 2 normal template and 2 soul (4 for 2handed weapon) at most. Jumping to second purple is at least a quadruple requirement. 8 fine and 16 soul (32 for 2handed). That is a really big jump, and it's not even the end of the upgrading process yet. The population is low as it is, people get discouraged and quit because the might progression is painfully slow unless you're willing to spend big money.

5. Montel Stone. The lowest reward possible is just so low. The rate at which a player get ONE blue crystal for spending 40bg is just too high. The top rewards are fine as is, but you should up the reward for the low end stuff. It's so much like a lottery game otherwise.

6. Target system. Tab needs a serious fix. When you tab, it should target ENEMIES that are CLOSEST to you, not NPC, not friendly target, and definitely not enemies from across the world (kidding of course, but hopefully that gets the point across).

7. Trial of the Brave "Ready" button. Depending on the player's gear, some will finish waves with less difficulty than another. So the preparing time is just a waste of time for them. If that's the case, the ready button will skip the preparing time (deducts the skipped time into the trial time if necessary) and jump to next wave immediately.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Atraiik » Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:50 pm

I am a big fan of rogues in any game, so far this is a dream come true as far as combat goes. One thing i would like to see for the assassin class, is to move away from stereotype rpg "magic" teleport type skills and more towards; rolling and martial art type wushu or kungfu style moves against opponents.

For example the move "Disorienting strike" is great and all. But how much cooler would it be if the assassin would instead roll adeptly across the back of his opponent to get behind him for a back stab.

Think batman or martial artist, i think the way the cloak on the character moves is the first great step towards this type of combat. Basically what i am asking for is minor animation changes to the assassin combat. Great game so far and i love the beta.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Crazie » Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:11 am

Adding in to my previous list:

1. Wandering Island modification. Allow the team leader to spawn the wave of mobs to the front entrance via a "Summon wave" button. A lot of the time spent in wandering island instance is just standing around doing nothing while waiting for the waves from multiple directions converge (which is in front of the base)
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Re: Wish List

Postby Braindead » Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:31 am

wow, I read all that and it seems to me that players just want the game fixed. Nothing more, nothing less. Just fix the game.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Thanatos7 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:50 am

Yup we can only dream that snail actually does fix anything from the 99999 posts above

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Re: Wish List

Postby Godslayer » Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:04 am

well then idiot, maybe you would have had the sense to quit the game by now?
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Re: Wish List

Postby Thanatos7 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:46 am

Well you quited because you got owned i am still having my fun why would i quit Ex-BGO player Chaos?C:

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Re: Wish List

Postby Nedmond » Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:04 am

Dear Dev & Support,

1) Allow option to press/hit alt key once to toggle on/off cursor mode, instead of holding down alt key. (Improves gameplay; this could also resolve the bug where crosshair mode users enter cursor mode randomly during combat, affecting spell casts and opening random windows in the middle of battle.)

2) Allow summon/park carriers to be hotkey-ed. Crosshair users cannot summon and park carriers without having to hold down alt key (which is buggy and slow), this affects smoothness of pvp.

3) Allow hotkey for target locking.For e.g. hitting 'Ctrl' will lock-on your current target as target selection until 'Ctrl' key is hit again. This is essential in pvp to pick out high priority targets.

4) Allow locked target switching. For e.g. Ctrl+tab to switch target, you will not lose selection until 'Ctrl' is hit again to unlock. Currently, tab-switching targets under Crosshair mode is pointless as the Crosshair constantly seeks out new targets, even if you tabbed to the preferred target, chances are it will be erased within milliseconds. Not pressing tab would mean that there are targets you can never select (targets who are behind other units, or clustered within a pack).

5) Allow Crosshair users to capture the flag in Bloodfang Citadel. Currently, the way to capture the flag is by right clicking using cursor. For Crosshair users, holding down alt key to bring up the cursor and then right clicking does not capture the flag.
This bug has been around since the introduction of level 45 patch, not fixed with the recent few patches?
I believe this can be fixed by changing the flag to an npc/object which can be interacted with the interaction key 'F' by default.
Another fix may be to allow hitting alt key once to toggle on/off cursor mode, instead of holding down alt.

6a) Allow 5 skill bars (currently, 3). 1v1 PVP, 1v1 PVE, mass PVP, mass PVE, utility: anti healer skillset, rage charge skill set etc. 5th one is up to player preference.
3 is too restrictive, it is tedious and unnecessary for players to keep readjusting skills manually (by dragging).

6b) Allow hotkey quick switch between surge plans.

7) Allow timestamps on chat messages.

8) Allow solo queue on arena and battlefields. Most of the time I'm doing something in a party while queuing. Its boring not to do anything while waiting indefinitely for queue to pop.

9) Fix "Show only buffs cast by self" under information setting. I can see it being very useful, but it is not working properly. (e.g. elemental shield buff is removed when you select this option)

10) Fix skills that are supposed to "increase damage taken". Currently, most skills with such description does not work as intended, the damage amplification is limited to user only.

11) Fix "First Aid" skill. Spellswords can only revive dead players at exactly 20 yards range, Geomancers are not affected by this bug. Not sure about other classes.

12) Increase invincible duration after teleporting, or entering/exiting portals. This will help players with high ping greatly.

13) Improve arena rating system. Currently, most top players are people who has quit since lvl 40 patch, they remain at the top as they dont fight and lose rating. The chart thus become irrelevant. Implement rating deterioration system. This will also encourage current players to participate more actively and regularly.

14 Show casting progress bar on top of character models. (Add casting bar above hp bar/dodge meter)

15 Fix Sound Settings bug. I unchecked Game music & Environmental sound effects, but the game always start with all sound effects enabled, until I visit sound settings again through system settings.

16 Fix some Spellsword skills.
16a) Fire added Mana fist do not increase damage taken by enemies as stated in tooltip, only amplify user's damage towards target. (Does not benefit party)
16b) Ice added Demon's blade do not silence targets as stated in tooltip.
16c) Ethereal sword sometimes enter cooldown without summoning sword. Casting was not interrupted. Sometimes error message "Target too far" appears with this bug.

17 Fix Yutonian racial passive, Adaptation. Does not increase critical hit by 20% after receiving critical hit as stated in tooltip.

18) Allow spectator mode for arena.

19) Fix Geomancer nature's grace surge bug. After surge, nature's stacks will keep dropping and never reach 3 stacks (cannot be intended since final surge is triggered only when nature's grace reaches 3 stacks, currently, it does not function at all).

Thank you for considering my suggestions/feedbacks/bug reports.

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Re: Wish List

Postby Belana » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:41 pm

1. Better Body Customization.
At the Moment, especially with female characters, you can only choose between anorexic and thin. But if you play a Warrioress for expample there is a lack of muscle. It would be great when the creation options would be more complex.

2. Beauty Salon.
If you want to change something (new hair colour, bigger Body for example) it would be nice to have the option.

3. A Voice for the Characters and the NPCs, not only text.

4. Item preview

5. More Emotes, a lot more.

6. More Steampunk based Costumes and more Amror variations. I like the one that are already in the game, but there should defintiveley be more.
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