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Wish List

Postby snailgameusa » Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:45 pm

Hey Everyone!

You know how sometimes you sit around with friends talking about what you would do if you won the lottery? Well, for this thread, imagine you could snap your fingers and make any changes you want to our game. We want to hear all of it, from the simplest of suggestions to the loftiest of requests!

A warning: this isn't the thread in which to vent your anger or rage. Those posts will be removed or re-assigned to a more appropriate location. this IS a place for helpful suggestions and big dreaming - so post all of the changes, improvements and additions you'd like to see here!

Regards - ConstaBelle :D

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Re: Wish List

Postby Alathaeia » Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:19 pm

1. Forums
You will endlessly log into the forums and never get in unless you click the "log in" shaped like a button up top and not the "log in" next to "members" lower than that top spot. Who designed this website? Please fix this. Players are unable to communicate.

2. PVP
Coming from games like Tera, Dragon Nest, Vindictus, and Guild Wars 2, the pvp system here is lacking. THE WAYS TO PVP is not lacking. Carriers, open world, arena, citadel, shadow hunt, etc., are all fantastic ways to pvp.

However, here are some things I've noticed:
1. Isen carriers have high DPS because of a rate of fire sort of thing while treehuggers have high burst damage, but low rate of fire sort of DPS. Speed + Dmg usually wins the game. Carrier points themselves are difficult to rack up. Thanks for the valor event.

2. Stuns and heals in arena. First heals - This is so frustrating. I can outdps a geo by thousands but end up dying because I'm chasing after someone who just lands a stun and then heals and repeats. This system is definitely flawed.

Second, stuns - Like other posts have mentioned, there's no way to break stun. When an OP beastmaster does his green circle swing of stun death, you're about stuck eating axe swings to the face. Pets also move too fast. MAKE DODGES MEAN SOMETHING. Let the entire duration of the dodge be evasive.

3. Communication within factions
Clearly with citadel, isens are doing a better job than the treehuggers. In a game so focused on teamplay, can't there be systems where one or two people lead the fight? GW2 has commanders. Tera has that 1 person leading their arena battlefields.

4. Recruitment for instances
The recruitment channel is empty, much like the game. Instead of telling us that BG is on sale, tell us about useful systems to play together.

5. Information about the game itself
I did not know I could re-roll gear stats. There are again many amazing mechanics in this game, but people just don't know.

6. The poor design of the "landscape" - Sometimes you want to jump up some rocks and end up getting stuck. You want to ride down, and you get stuck. Players know what I'm talking about. It just isn't smooth

7. The crosshair system. The targeting system in general. I'm in arena pvp and while in crosshair mode and near the stealth stones, if I swing my weapon I'll actually activate the chat box for the stone. What the heck? There's gotta be a way for the game to differentiate between priorities of actions.

8. The chat system. As of current, the chat system is failing. Sometimes I want to use the commands like /g or /z but they don't work. Somehow the game isn't recognizing it as a legitimate command.

9. I wish this game wasn't p2w but it is. Vouchers and purchasing BG. But that's just how this game wants to be played.

10. What I love - This game has such awesome features that needs work:
-Shadowhunt - I love this mode, but we teleport way too close to the enemy and end up dying repeatedly when our shadow is attacked at first. Let us teleport farther or give us a 1v1 chance and then help arrives afterwards for either party.

-Lion's den - Sometimes your full backpack prevents you from obtaining an item. MAKE A QUEST ITEM BACKPACK. That's in so many games. Come on.

-Adventures are awesome, PVP is awesome, the forced teamplay is awesome, carriers are awesome, arena balanced and might are awesome...

So many features, but they need to be thought through. It feels like we're being slighted when asked to invest in a game that seems so unbalanced. Please work on it. Thank you, devs.
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Re: Wish List

Postby ajninepar » Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:31 pm

Don't worry about copy right, just copy and paste the targeting system TERA has. :)
Everything about this game is so amazing, it has every kind of PVP from open world karma based, to 1v1 arena style and even war. This being said the Combat is just lacking...it's just not...done?

I'd also love more feedback on what will be or is in development. Even if it's not close to done, or might be dropped from the project I still would love to know what developers are working on.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Grapefruit » Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:34 am

My biggest wish list item would be to give free players a more consistent way to acquire Black Gold.

My second and more complicated wish list item would be to fix the gem system. I like the concept of it: a slow acquiring of gems over time through collecting them in-game leads to a noticable increase to the overall power of the character. It's a long-term investment that feels satisfying to achieve. But as it is, there's four things that would need to be done to fix it:

1) Remove or substantially lower the Black Gold cost of creating high-level gems

If it's true that the developers want to create a game that a free player can enjoy fully without having to spend money, then this needs to be done. High level gems are a MASSIVE source of power, and these costs only serve to prevent free players from obtaining them, as a free player has no consistent or effective way to gain as much Black Gold as is necessary. Players interested in obtaining higher level gems still have an incentive to pay money through Time Vials, but given enough dedication this change would make it reasonable for a free player to obtain them, as well, helping keep the playing field even.

2) Remove the possibility of higher-level gems not being created successfully

According to the gem synthesis UI the recipe for a level 6 gem only results in a level 6 gem 60% of the time. The other 40% of the time a level 5 gem is created, meaning most of the hard-earned gems used in the recipe are lost.

Having an end-game goal that requires a lot of resources invested is fine. Having an end-game goal that requires a lot of resources invested but that has a chance of simply throwing most of your hard work away is not something that most players, paying or free, would be willing to put up with. I think the gem system works better as a slow but steady progression as in the earlier levels, rather than an all-or-nothing gambling system.

3) Replace the Black Gold cost of removing gems from a socket with something else, or allow players to select which gem affix they want when socketing a gem

This, again, is just a case where a paying player has a massive advantage over a free player. More than anything, though, this is about frustration. Putting tons of work into collecting enough gems to create a higher-level gem only to find that I now have to spend even more of my extremely precious Black Gold to get the stat that's actually good for my class isn't fun, and it's the kind of unnecessary grind that causes players (in this case, free players) to leave.

As an example, if this cost were replaced with a gold cost that was reasonably priced but perhaps still large this process would be much less frustrating. Another way to fix this would be to keep the Black Gold cost, but allow a player to select which of the four affixes they wanted the gem to grant when placing it into an item. This removes the frustration of being forced to resocket a gem over and over again, while still giving a reason to want to resocket the gem (for a higher roll or to change the affix later on, for instance).

4) Remove (?) the Black Gold cost for changing a gem's color

This goes again with the first point, about the gap between paying and free players being too large under the current system. I don't know for sure if higher-level gems have a Black Gold cost for this or not, but the UI seems to suggest it does, and that's not good for the same reasons I talked about above.

I think these changes are a reasonable way to make the gem system more accessible and fun for everyone.
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Re: Wish List

Postby LunaTempesta » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:48 am

^Much of the above about gems which Grapefruit mentioned.
I've seen a few players with outrageous equipment already. Needles to say I played a lot over the last 1-2 weeks, and I'm coming nowhere close. Obviously this is the gap made by paying and not paying options. Players who have equipment full of rank 6 gems. And if it stays like this I can only see this gap increase over time. Right now it's almost out of range to socket anything above rank 3 into your equipment because for non paying players the costs of higher rank gems is too high. The amount of black gold you get through completing some events is not enough since you also need to spend it on other upgrades.

Another thing in my opinion which needs to be added
Right now the instances are a pain to run. Fun, but almost impossible to get in without a pre-made party. Gold spammers make it hard to shout in the chat for party members. Only big guilds have the advantage of maybe having enough players online to form a party and do the instances. But what is the random queue for if you have to wait 1 hour, 2 hours or even more without getting into the instance?
An easy way to fix this is just to add multiple queues. I don't care which instance I'm going to do, as long as I can smash some mobs there. So if we can queue for multiple instances more people will end up queueing and the queues will go faster.

There is too much crap in this game
With that I mean, we get a bunch of items which have zero to little value. They occupy space in your bag. Crafting materials, upgrade materials for your energy shield, blueprints etc. All these items take up a lot of space, but at the same time are too valuable to just delete. An option to have extra bank slot for crafting materials etc seems to be a decent option for me. I already unlocked 2 rows in my bank and bag and I'm running out of space again because of all the stuff I get. I'm running out of black gold as well. f2p? Or buy black gold to expand your bag and bank?
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Re: Wish List

Postby Atycia » Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:49 am

Would like to say i like this game a lot, agree with Alathaeia on most things, and the thing i would like to see introduced is Aoe looting.

5. Information about the game itself
I did not know I could re-roll gear stats. There are again many amazing mechanics in this game, but people just don't know.

Could you give me some more info on this, no-one in my guild knows anything about this and i cannot find any info.
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Re: Wish List

Postby 7272729 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:52 am

Multi-Instance Queues

SnailGames I like your game, and that you are communicating with players about issues. Right now I am very disappointed about the instance queue system. You can only queue for one of them at a time, and like other people mentioned - you have to set up a pre-made party to do any of them - either through Alignment chat or with your guild/friends. I play a healer and I wait in queue for 1-2 hours before finally deciding to do something else, trying to queue for different instances, and still not being able to get into any. This is frustrating because while I do enjoy PVP and all the other features, this side of the game feels completely ignored. It leaves me wondering why, since the instances themselves are great - but makes me wonder what's the point if you can't do them consistently?. Honestly, it makes me want to log off. If players had the chance to somehow queue for multiple instances that are available to them, I believe it would fix this problem and make the gameplay experience quality more fun and enjoyable.
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Re: Wish List

Postby QueenCandy » Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:29 pm

Hello ConstaBell or Prof_Hogwash!

Wishlist would be the forum working as intended. Black Gold restricted on the Auction House, so it can't be used to buy weapons/armor/things that help them to be powerful. Gold, silver, copper being added as currency to the Auction House

Another Wish would be VIP would be ACCOUNT WIDE. This would give more people incentive to buy it!

I wish for a Gambling or Mini game places. I don't think their are any? I'm still low level.

I love your daily gifts for logging in and doing certain things. I don't see many other MMORPG's doing this that I have played. LOVE how many activities are in the game! Mount Racing sounds brilliant and I love that you have this in BGO. Players need a respite from questing and some fun downtime, so thank you.

I wanted to create a new post but it's taking forever, so I have had to included it in this post. Hope you don't mind ConstaBelle and Prof! I hope you will read this too!

I think a lot of us would like information on the Black Gold situation.

1. WHY there is a Black Gold Store. Is it partly to combat the BG sellers that spam up chat?

2. Now that people CAN buy Black Gold, they can easily buy the highest quality weapon/Armor etc, thus giving them an unfair advantage over others. I know this is a F2P game, so Snail needs to to give players incentive to spend real life cash. What are Snail's or thought's on this?

3. Will the Auction House which currently ONLY allows Black Gold to be used currency to Buy/a Sell be changed? I suggest the Auction House currency be change to Gold and silver, copper, to prevent too large of a gap between more affluent players and those can't pay with real life money. Perhaps have BOTH currencies and restrict BG to NON weapons and armor. Perhaps gold, silver can be used to buy weapons, armor etc on the AH?

I know all MMORPG's need gold sinks. I also know there should be a balance. I suggest making VIP account wide. This would be further incentive for those of us who can afford to pay with some real life money. Another suggestion is to have an in game type of CREDD like Wildstar has or Apex like Archage has, giving players with no means to using real money, an opportunity to buy a VIP subscription.

Your thoughts? Thanks for reading my wish list/feedback and I do hope you consider how we feel. :)
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Re: Wish List

Postby Caelestum » Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:14 pm

All of above.. And more cosmetics things like:

Day / Night cicles: I know some zones have it's name based on they day or the night, like Sunrise Hills(Which is always day) or Moonlight forest (Which is always night. But if you could omit that fact and make a all the world to have a day / night cicle it would be amazing and make the world more beautiful and realistic (adding also immersion) Montel has a lot of lovely enviroments if you add this cycle it would perfect and more beautiful. PLEASE!!

Wardrobe, transmogrification (how ever you want to call it): This game has some cool sets it would be great to use them whenever you want it with out compromising your stats, Rift (sorry to have another mmorpgs for reference) has a really cool way to do this which allow you also hide any part of the set you dont want to show and show any piece of armor from heavy to light regardless to your character class.

Dyes: Well it would be cool to be able to dye the your set.

More hair colors customization: I like how you can customize the hair of you character, but when I had to chose the hair color of my character (A yutonian) I couldn´t get a dark brown color and it was only available very light colors or black (Which isn´t black, is grey) could you please add more colors.

More hairstyles: Pretty please.

Closet: To be able to preview how a piece of gear will look on your character.

AoE Loot: Very useful in dungeons and when grinding.

Character customization after creation: Lets say that after you created you character and played with him you noticed that something in his body or hair doesn't look well and you want to change it without creating another character, this is the solution.
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Re: Wish List

Postby Caelestum » Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:19 am

Standing pose when using crosshair mode: Please fix the standing pose of the character and make it recognize when is in combat and when not, so when is in combat the character display the combat pose animation (The one that displays always at this moment) and then when out of combat the character displays and iddle pose animation (The one that displays in the traditional mode).
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