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[Community] Halls of Glory - ToDaFace

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[Community] Halls of Glory - ToDaFace

Postby snailgameusa » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:53 pm

As many reach to their limits to touch at greatness, some may be fortunate to achieve it, while others may get a quick slap in the face. The first entrant in our new series, The Halls of Glory, comes to us from the server Lokemea on the side of naturalist wonder. He’s a broad-sword wielding child of the frost, a jack of all trades, and a tested warrior: ToDaFace.


We wanted to begin by getting to the bottom of his identity. “What’s in a name?” some say. Well – a lot! So we asked, how did he come up with his name?

I usually use NimbleComet for pretty much all my games. But for this one I switched classes and wanted something new, and thought of a name appropriate for my class ToDaFace

And ToDaFace truly did choose a name appropriate to his class. In the storied history of Montel, the heavily armored and lethally equipped Blademasters of Erlandir were renowned for their courage and tenacity, facing their enemies with strength and grit. It was this power that drew ToDaFace to the Blademaster.

“…I chose this class because it’s the first time I’ve seen a tank able to use 2 handed weapons which is awesome. My race is Yutonian male, I wanted a tankier race and the self heal which helps out a lot in all areas.”

Heroes in the land of Montel have certain choices to make in the gear, upgrades, and skills they choose. Situations call for specialties, and all players want to be prepared for what may come. Here’s what ToDaFace had to say about his own approach to arming himself for battle


My build for my Blademaster is a hybrid tank/DPS class. I try to max out my strength for more DPS/armor, and I stack Constitution also to allow me to tank endgame instances and PvP as well. For builds, I have two DPS skill bars and one tank skill bar. The skills for DPS are pure burst, using Pyrrhic Blade to chain with my Searing Chop and Focused Strikes, along with gap closers like Clear the Breach and Cunning Charge. For tanking I use area of effect taunts like Mass Netrayal and Last Stand, with defensive skills like Spirit Shield or Focus of Mind.

ToDaFace shows the versatility of a Blademaster for different roles. Whether it’s chaining abilities for high attack, or beefing up defense and drawing the ire of powerful bosses, ToDaFace can rise to the challenge.

We wondered what a hero like ToDaFace would do to occupy themselves. The short answer: Everything! From PvE Instances and World Bosses to PvP encounters and the fight for Montel’s Energy Wells, ToDaFace does it all. No stranger to team play, ToDaFace works hard at administrative tasks and recruitment for his guild, Divine.


He shared some of his favorite such moments with us:

My favorite moment so far was teaming up with Doomsday to take down Deadbolt for a server first kill.


Another was 1v1ing some legends members at a world boss. Always fun seeing how you fair against other well geared players.

How does a hero of magic get around town? Why on the back of a giant multi-legged frost monster, of course!

I mainly use the Frost Queen, soon to be Queen of Searing Cold. The title and how the mount looks is mainly why I like it the best.

ToDaFace is no mere warrior – he is also a teacher. To all the budding adventurers of Montel out there, he had this to say:

Refine your time vials for gems! You kinda need them. Get your set gear at 40 and work on upgrading it. If you’re on Lokemea and choose correctly to be on Erlandir join Divine.

If you’ve got an awesome character you're proud of and you'd like to show it off, reach out to our community team at bgocommunity@snailgamesusa.com. We'll be interviewing players from all servers, factions, and play styles, and honoring them in the Halls of Glory.

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