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Black Gold Second CBT Look 1080p/Character Creation

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:10 am
by Scionstorm
Second Look

This time around the Snail did a great job with optimization. Very little lag exist now for me. And everything looks wonderful compared to the last offering. My major gripe so far is the UI. Which has to mandatory pieces on the right side you can't move.

How ever besides the super easy AI. I can't find anything wrong so far. And you guys thought Snail couldn't do anything right huh?
Character Customization

The last time I did a Black Gold video the game wasn't very streamlined. A lot of graphic issues were every where and I couldn't get much of anything done smoothly. Well this time around that is not a problem. The game is very smooth and the character customization is on point.

I like to thank Snail once again for allowing me and MMOsite. Free access to cover the game.