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The German-Turkish Alliance: Black Gold?

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The German-Turkish Alliance: Black Gold?

Postby 31851013 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:14 am


What do Germany and Turkey have in common? RUSSIA.

It's an interesting relationship between the two. They're so close, yet so far. I've always wondered how these two powers can work together. Often later in the game, if Russia has been dismantled, it's Germany and Turkey who meet in Moscow, but too often they begin fighting over Russian turf, if not the game in general. If they don't, it's usually an agreement to let each other focus on their separate spheres without creating more problems. Each being in separate spheres of the board seems to be why I've never seen a game where Germany and Turkey actively work together - at least not in a preplanned way. In my personal experience of playing Germany, Turkey is logically the last one with whom I try to communicate. When playing Turkey, it's the same with Germany (and maybe France). Of course, I talk with everyone, but these two powers seems to have very little to discuss in the pre-game.

Obviously, it's not just Russia on whom the two can work. Austria and Italy can both be targeted as well. The same points made above can apply to Austria and Italy. But Russia seems to be the most vulnerable to a German-Turkish alliance, and is at least where the two are most likely to meet.

A few months ago, this Wikibooks list of Diplomacy alliances popped up on another thread:

Wikibooks calls the German-Turkish alliance "The Russian Nightmare"

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the strange relationship between Germany and Turkey in general.

Does the alliance work? Have you seen it? If not, why?

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