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Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

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Forum Rules and Code of Conduct

Postby snailgameusa » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:45 am

The Snail Games Terms of Use also apply to all Snail Games forums. You can view them here.

The forums are a great place for players to discuss our games, ask questions, and organize guild, school, and other events. Keep in mind that Forum Moderators are unable to assist with any in-game issues. If you have any game or billing issues that need to be resolved, please utilize our Customer Support Webform so that we can investigate the matter. You may also directly email our support team at support@snailgamesusa.com for all customer support issues.

Posting Guidelines

1) Proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar help ensure your point is clearly stated and understood.

2) Don’t go into threads looking for a fight. If you don’t want to discuss the topic of a post, then ignore that thread. Don’t post about how a discussion is a waste of time. As the saying goes, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

3) Think before you post. Before submitting your post, take ten seconds to read over it and decide if it is something you really want to say.

Snail Games’ Honor & Dishonor Policy

In order to foster an environment that is a fun and safe for all our players, Snail Games separates player activities and behavior into two categories: Honorable and Dishonorable. Snail reserves the right to take action against any behavior it deems unwanted within the communities that form around our games.

Any dishonorable behavior can result in forum penalties. The extent of these penalties can vary, such as deletion of topics, temporary forum suspension, or even permanent forum account closure in the case of the most heinous or habitual dishonorable behavior. We urge each player to conduct themselves with honor at all times, regardless of the behavior of others.

Guarded Topics

A number of topics are prohibited when discussed in a negative context. In fact, your local or federal laws may prohibit discrimination based upon some or all of these traits: race / ethnicity, color, religion / belief structure, national origin / citizenship, disability / physical ailment, age, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Forbidden Topics

Several topics and categories of speech are prohibited at all times, regardless of context. Players must not discuss extreme or violent sexual acts, acts of extreme violence, real-life illegal or controlled substances, or real-life illegal activities. Players must not make personal attacks aimed at any entity or group of entities, real or perceived as real. Obscene, crude, vulgar, or pornographic references, including formal or slang references to human anatomy or bodily functions are also prohibited.

Forum Rules

Show respect to other players on the forums.

- Do not make attacks or insult other users on the forums or through private messages. Disagreements and debates are expected, but do not resort to insults or name calling.
- Do not flame by creating posts intended to anger other players.
- Do not troll by creating posts entirely intended to anger other players, or drag them into pointless discussion.

Respect other players’ privacy.

- Do not post any personal information. Examples: Facebook information, real names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
- Do not call out other players on the forums. If you have an issue with another poster, contact a moderator or our customer support team.

Keep our forums clean and organized.

- Make your posts in the appropriate forum; keep off-topic posts in the off-topic forum.
- Utilize the Search function to find similar posts. Do not post duplicate threads or post repeatedly about the same topic.
- Do not "bump" threads by posting only to bring attention to a thread or encourage others to do so.
- Do not spam the forums with multiple posts, links, images, etc.
- Do not create non-constructive posts that do not add anything to a discussion.
- Do not post any links unrelated to Snail Games titles outside of the off-topic forums.

Keep your account secure.

- A representative of Snail Games will never ask you for your account ID or password.
- Do not share your login information with anyone. You are responsible for any violations your account incurs.
- Be wary of unfamiliar links, watch out for phishing scam.
- Do not create new accounts to circumvent forum suspensions or bans.
- Do not have another person post on your behalf.

Respect the administrators and moderators.

- Do not post about administrator or moderator decisions. While you may disagree with a moderator’s opinions or actions, their judgment is final. When they post moderator actions in moderator text (such as announcing the closure of a thread), do not argue with them.
- Do not post about locked or deleted threads. Posts are moderated for a reason. When the moderators take action, any players involved should review the Code of Conduct to prevent future violations.

Keep in mind that Snail Games has the final say when deciding what content violates our code of conduct and sanctions.

Snail Games wants our forums to be a fun environment for all players in our community and we feel we’ve done everything we can to make that possible – the rest is up to you!

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