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One Month of BGO and Special Events!

Upcoming and ongoing events in the land of Montel

One Month of BGO and Special Events!

Postby snailgameusa » Thu Jul 17, 2014 10:59 pm

Hey guys, BGO has been up in OBT for a whole month! To say thanks to our continued loyal fan community, we've got some fun events going on this weekend!

Full article:

Check out the events!


Event 1: 40 is Only the Beginning

The end is just the beginning. As players hit level 40 and look to the future, we’ve got a special reward for their persistence and to see them on the road ahead. Players at level 40 and a Might Score less than 15000 can log in to receive Prototypes and Crystals! Don’t be a sad sap forever, log in and upgrade your gear while time lasts!

All Servers
Event Period: 7.19 - 7.27


Event 2: Master you Craft

As the Diligent Master promotion comes to a close, we’d like to reward those people who have and continue to pursue the fine arts of Montel. During the event period, players who reach a professional level of 2, 5, and 11 will receive a special bonus.

All Servers
Event Period: 7.19 - 7.20


Event 3: Refuel Your Ride

The road is long and gas ain’t free. For our hard working players, we’ve got a special reward to help them refuel and upgrade their Battle Carriers! Build your fleet of unstoppable machines, and pack your stables with vicious magical beasts. Level up to get these special rewards and strengthen your Battle Carrier!

All Servers
Event Period: 7.19 - 7.20


Event 4: All in One! Reminder

Just as a special event reminder, fans who top-up their accounts in certain quantities during the event period will get special prizes. Top-up your account in one big sum to receive higher rewards!

All Servers
Event Period: 7.10 - 8.10


Community Events

In addition to our in-game events, we have some special community events this week to reward our loyal fans for their help and commitment during the first month of testing. As we enter the last of our Frenzy Weekends, with double rewards for Energy Well battles, we’ve got some awesome Guild and Energy Well based events!

[All Servers]
[Event Period] 7.18 - 7.20 for all events

Underdog Weekend!

The land of Montel is full of the strong, we’re here to support the weak! During this weekend’s Energy Well battles, we’ve got some special events to help support the rag tag rabble, the less powerful, the little guy.

Alignment War

As the forces of steam battle the legions of magic, the naturalist forces have given ground time and again. For the sake of the trees, we must stand and fight!


The current underdogs in both Ellescadia and Lokemea servers are the Erlandir Union. We’ve got a special event to help in the battle of Nature vs Technology.

Players who join this week’s Alignment War for the side of Erlandir will have the chance to win a special prize. Take a screen shot, and send it to
bgofans@snailgamesusa.com to prove your gallantry. Fans can also share their pictures on this thread to be eligible! These underdog champions of the environment will be rewarded with:


20 Copper Badges
5 Silver Badges
500 Valor points

Guild War

We’d like to give support to the little man in the fight for Montel. As the weekend Guild Wars rage, here are some special rewards for the small guys. We’ve got two special events during the coming Guild Wars to help individual players as well as small Guilds.

Unite to Fight

Guild-less players and players from smaller guilds who join in the fight against the biggest and baddest in their faction will have the chance to win a reward! Team up to defend the weak, or rally your forces to attack the strong! Grab a screenshot to prove you were part of the fight and send it to bgofans@snailgamesusa.com
or share it here on this thread, and we’ll send you a special Defiance Gift Pack, including:

500 Guild Black Gold Stones
Equipment Prototypes



-Force is a small Guild or coalition of small Guilds

-“Small” is measured in terms of fewer Guild members than the opposing Guild

-Player is a member of a small Guild or an independent, not a member of a large Guild.

Landless Guilds

For any Guilds currently without a home, here’s your chance! For currently landless Guilds who take or help take their first Energy Well, we’ll reward their victory with a special prize of Black Gold Stones! The reward will go to the new controlling Guild leader to help them in their struggle! The reward for seizing the day:

1000 Black Gold Stones

Guilds who succeed should send their proof to us or share it on the forum, and we'll send the reward to the Guild Leader!

Event 5: Guild Family Picture


We’ve all been playing together for a month, and it’s just so nice to get everyone together for a special photo. We’d like to reward tight-nit Black Gold Online Guilds with this special event.

For any Guild that can get at least 75% of their Guild together in the same place and time for a group photo will be rewarded with 1000 Black Gold Stones for their Guild!

Guild leaders can submit their group photos to bgofans@snailgamesusa.com or share them on this Forum thread.

Guild Leaders Should Submit:

-Screenshot of group with everyone visible (or as near as possible)

-# Total Guild Members

-List of Guild Members present in photo

Restriction: This event will only qualify for Guilds with at least 15 members.

NOTE: As we roll out new and fun events for the BGO community, we rely on the support of fans like you! To redeem rewards, we need people to reach out with their proof of participation: we’re not omnipotent! If you’d like to participate, make sure to send the appropriate info to our community email at bgofans@snailgamesusa.com. On receipt of email, players will recieve their rewards in 3-5 business days.

Perhaps you have a cool idea for an event you’d like to see? Then send it in to use at our community email! We’ll review ideas from the community, and honor the inventive individuals who think up the ones we use!

The Black Gold Online Open Beta continues on, and we’ve got a lot of exciting community and game content coming out moving forward. Keep up to date on the latest from the BGO team on Facebook, our official website, and here on the forums!

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Re: One Month of BGO and Special Events!

Postby USNnuke » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:23 pm

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