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July 4th Weekend Events!

Upcoming and ongoing events in the land of Montel

July 4th Weekend Events!

Postby Prof_Hogwash » Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:06 am

Hey everyone, we've got some really exciting events coming up in honor of the Fourth of July weekend! Don't miss out on the great Independence Day fun! Check it out!


Independence Day weekend is just around the corner, and we at Snail Games wanted to get our fans in the patriotic spirit. No matter your country or creed, we’ve got some exciting events for everyone to enjoy. Special bonuses, cool activities, live streams, and so very much more this Fourth of July!

The Montel Monument

As a special treat for the holiday, we’ve constructed a special Montel Monument! A pillar standing in remembrance of our Montel forebears, this monument can be found in the capital cities of each major race.


We’ve also got a special limited edition Fireworks item available for the holiday! For those lucky enough to get it, the fireworks will fill the air with a stunning light show around the monument. If you’d like to get your hands on some, check our community events below.

Community Events

Black Gold Online Patriots

Want to be one of our special Fireworks exhibitors? Help us spread the word about Black Gold Online’s event while showing off your patriotism! Create an awesome Fourth of July themed screen shot, and tweet or post it to Facebook with our special weekend hashtag: #4thofJulyBGO


Send the link of your post to our community email for a chance to be chosen to receive fireworks. We’ll be picking a select number of players from each server to show off the fireworks at certain times of day during Independence Day!


Contact our BGO team at

We'll also be giving out Fireworks for those fans who login for longer than 1 minute (do you have an American attention span?) along with some Green Crystals in our special July 4th Gift Pack!

Fourth of July Smack Down

If anything exemplifies the Fourth of July, it’s a good brawl, and lucky for us this weekend is our special Arena double points Frenzy Weekend! To go along with the theme, we’ll be holding a special Fourth of July Smack Down.

During the weekend, we’re inviting top-ranked Arena players to go toe-to-toe for a bit to be the best! Players will take to the Balanced Arena, where low-level and high-level, experienced and newb meet in a competition of skill. The highest ranked 5 players on each server will received a special vanity title for their Forum ID.

Top 5 players in Ellescadia:
Champion of Ellescadia

Top 5 players in Lokemea: Champion of Lokemea

Take on the top 10

As the players in the top 10 vie for the highest spots, all players high and low are encouraged to take to the Arena to challenge these masters of combat! We’ll post the names of the top ranked players on Friday, and if you encounter them in the Arena, post the results of your contest on Facebook and Twitter with our event hashtag #4thofJulyBGO. Win or lose, we’d like to hear it!

Ex: “Just had a close loss against the #2 ranked player on my server! Next time he’s mine #4thofJulyBGO”

We’ll pick 20 people who post to receive special prizes for their valiant efforts and amazing triumphs!

We’re looking for live streamers to help document all the 4th of July fun, as they fight their way through the Arena and enjoy the special fireworks show. If you’re interested in being a streaming partner, contact us at

In-game Events

To go along with the festivities, we have some special bonus events for your accounts in-game!

【Event Name】Top Up Bonus

【Event Period】7/1/2014 -7/7/2014

【Requirement】All Server


In observance of Independence Day, all top up amounts during the event period will be accumulated. At the end of the event period, a bonus will be rewarded based on total top up amount in USD during the event for each account.


Receiving Rewards

1. After the event period, receive your rewards in game through the "Fast Receive" button in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

2. If your backpack is full, all rewards will be sent through in game mail.

3. Montel Blessing Stones do not disappear. If your bag is full or your in game mail box is full, our systems will send you the rewards once you have made room in your mail box.

4. Rewards will be sent within 3-5 business days after the event period.

【Event Name】Mightiest Rewards

【Event Period】7/1/2014 -7/14/2014

【Requirement】All Server


The mightiest adventurers of Montel, get ready to be rewarded! At the end of the event period, all qualifying accounts will receive a reward pending on their might score.

【Event Name】Rewards for Valor

【Event Period】7/1/2014 -7/7/2014

【Requirement】All Server


During your adventures in Montel, you are awarded Valor Points for a variety of activities. Ranging from defeating Outbreaks, accomplishments in the Batthefields or triumph in the Arena, your actions are rewarded with Valor Points. This event will give you a bonus reward daily during the event period pending on your accumulated amount of Valor Points for the day! Rewards come in 3 tiers, so make sure you know what to shoot for!


1. Rewards are distributed automatically at the end of each day.

2. Each account may receive 1 reward through this event per day.

Don't miss out on all the excitement during the Black Gold Online Fourth of July Events! Keep up with all the fun on our Facebook page, Twitter, and official Forums!
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